About ME

Born in the mid-50’s and raised in the Chicago area, I’ve always had a passion for photography, cameras and anything photographic. My family was transferred to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1967, The summer of love.

Photographing bands in the early 1970’s with my friends Gary Hodges, Dave Miller and Michael Morton, we saw many of the prominent bands from the U.K. Back then, you could bring in your camera and photograph them.

Starting when I was 18, I was employed by a local camera store for almost 20 years, then moving on to professional photo labs and eventually working in the photo industry for a major photo manufacturer, I’ve had the pleasure and passion for all thing photographic. Married to my beautiful and understanding wife Eve since 1976, we have two wonderful children, Brian & Emily.

If you have questions, you can email me at mailto:dancuny@me.com.